If gastronomy is high on your agenda, the Cumbria list is endless when it comes to delicious food. It is a food lover’s paradise with a scrumptious range of local dishes to choose from. Traditional foods are gifted from the land itself, including pigs for ham, cattle for cream, milk and cheese.

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The sea and lakes are home to herring, trout, char and salmon. Treat yourself to a mouth-watering taste of Cumbria’s best food and locally-brewed beer served in stunning locations. You can always visit a local farmer’s market to sample the food.

Cumberland Sausage

These originated in Cumberland itself. The sausages are generally long and coiled like a rope. They are made of natural ingredients and sold by length. They use selected cuts of pork to represent the best quality food. They do not contain any preservatives and colouring without compromising on the natural taste. The meat is chopped rather than minced to give it a distinctive chunky texture. A variety of fresh spices and herbs are used to prepare the seasonings.

Grasmere Gingerbread

Gingerbread is the speciality of Grasmere- rich in energy and absolutely delicious for those of you with a sweet tooth. Don’t miss out on their speciality. It is not an ordinary gingerbread. It is an intensely ginger-flavoured small bread topped with fine quality sugary, sandy and gingery crunchy crumbs. Enjoy the heavenly taste in every mouth full. The Lakeland village of Grasmere has been attracting the foodies since 1850.

Cumberland Ham

This variety of food is prepared with an entirely different type of processing. First of all the dry-cured ham is salted and cured for a month then washed, dried and hung up for a period of two months to mature. Preservatives are never used. The traditional curing process only includes preserving the ham. The ham is then slow-cooked.


Sheep graze freely on the Lake District fells, which results in tender and flavoursome meat.

Cottage pie is the most famous dish made of minced lamb. Vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms and spices are cooked together to prepare this famous British dish. The dish is also topped with mashed potatoes and cheese. It is often served with Cumberland sauce, made from orange and lemon juices with an extract of redcurrant jelly, mustard and ginger.


If you are looking for fresh beef, lamb and pork from traditional breeds, The Hallsford www.hallsford.co.uk family farm is the perfect spot to stop. Savin Hill Farm www.savin-hill.co.uk also raises pure bred white cattle, dry cured bacon, hams and marbled beef.


You can always visit HYPERLINK "http://www.the-old-smokehouse.co.uk" www.the-old-smokehouse.co.uk for game, sausage, fish and more. Smoked meat and game are also found at Saddleback, Aldby Farm. They believe in using local products to maintain the quality.

Seafood Fresh seafood is available at most of the restaurants. You will never be short of inspiration about where to eat in the region. The Lake District offers an ever-glowing list of restaurants serving herring often stuffed with a breadcrumb and seasoning mixture and a variety of seafood options. If you are a foodie, Cumbria will never disappoint you!

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